What every pants-wearing man should know

At present, men wear pants all the time – not only at home, but also at work. Men love wearing pants and they could not be happier. Unlike women, they cannot mix their trousers with all kinds of pieces of clothing. But this does not stop men from ordering Jacob Cohen online and trying to look fashionable. If you are a pants-wearer, you can at least make the effort to remember the important details. But what is there to know about pants, anyway? A pair of pants is a simple pair of pants. Well, not exactly. As surprising as it may seem, pants are complex things and there is a lot to learn about them. This is the basic stuff that every guy should know.

First things first, you should never ever wear trousers with pleats. Pleats are what repulse women the most. Why? Because they make you look a lot bigger than you actually are. On the flip side, flat-front pleats make you look slimmer, as the fabric lies flat against your body. Pleated pants just make you look bigger, no matter what size you are. If you are shopping for a new pair of pants, opt for non-pleated. However, if you prefer pleated pants to Boss orange jeans, at least check your measurements. Your hips need to be large enough to accommodate the depth of the fold.

Concerning jeans, they should always fit well. A lot of men wear trousers that do not fit well, namely that are floppy and baggy. If ill-fitting jeans torture you, consider letting them go and get a good-fitting pair. The pants should break at the top of your shoe. Trousers with a half or full break are well executed and they look refined.  Because not all pair of jeans are the same, you will have to find one fit for your body type. If your chest is wider than your hips, get a pair of boot cut pants. They will look great on you. On the other hand, if you are slimmer, opt for slim-cut pants. For designer clothing, shop online at Style Gallery Clothing. You will not be disappointed.

You do not always have to wear a belt. Not wearing one will not draw attention. Sure, if you are attending a formal event, you have to tuck in your dress shirt and wear a belt. But if you are just going out, there is no need to wear a belt. In fact, leaving the jeans unbelted will give you a casual look. However, if you feel that a belt would complete your outfit, go ahead and wear one. Just make sure to choose a style and a colour that compliments your overall look.

Last but not least, you should always have a pair of yellow-brown trousers in your closet. Not only are they a versatile piece of apparel, but also they are incredibly comfortable. Simply put, khaki pants are at the same time handy and comfy. Although jeans are your go-to pants, it does not hurt to have a pair of khaki trousers in your wardrobe.

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Men’s floral print trend: tips to achieve a stylish look

The majority of people associate floral printed clothes with middle aged men, sometimes considering them similar to the ugly Christmas sweaters. But designers promote them as clothing pieces for young men and women, and if you take a look at the outfits they put together, you get an idea on how you can wear them. However, if you follow some tricks, you can master this trend without experiencing any issues. If you want to wear a shirt, you bought from Circle of Gentlemen online you should know that it could be quite and art to include it in your outfit, if you do not wear this type of clothing items regularly. If you do not pay attention to some details, you may end up looking like you experience a life crisis, and you are on your way to Hawaii. The mistakes in pairing floral shirts are the ones that make this trend look suitable for middle age people. There are multiple ways, you can successfully wear a floral shirt in a fashionable and sophisticated way.

If you wear the shirt with a solid color piece, then it will turn out that it is very easily to worn and versatile piece. The safest and easiest way to wear the floral printed shirt is to pair it with neutral Jacobs Cohen jeans. If you have no idea which ones the neutral colors are, then you should know that they are a series of shades that can be matched with any type of print and color. These shades are tan, black, gray, white, beige, ivory, khaki, brown and dark blue. If you do not know how to make your floral printed shirt look amazing, then you should wear it with a pair of pants featuring one of these colors. However, if you want to opt for a bolder look, then you have the possibility to pair your floral shirt with a non-neutral color. But you have to do a little research and find some things about color coordination. You can piece it with a pair of pants that features one of the colors from the floral print.

If you want to take your outfits to above and beyond, then you should shop around for a pair of pants that features a print, which does not have to be a floral one. Style Gallery Clothing is an online store where you can find both printed shirts and pants, that can be paired to create stylish outfits. Many people find difficult to mix prints, but if you follow some rules, you will impress everyone with your outfits. The first rule states that you should wear prints that are different in size or that feature elements different in sizes. If you choose a shirt with small floral prints, then you can wear a pair of pants that features big dots, thick stripes or other type of bold patterns. It is advisable to choose clothing items in different patterns because other way you risk to create an optical illusion, and your outfit may look disturbing.

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Master the art of layering your clothes

Wearing multiple clothes will keep you warmer in the winter. As a matter of fact, layering will keep your comfortable too. When it comes to avoiding deep freeze, layering has been one of the main strategies among fashion lovers. It is not surprising considering how unpredictable the seasons are. Whether or not it is freezing outside, you should learn how to layer your clothes. Layering is pretty simple, if you know how. To achieve your season look, you will need Masai fashion. Masai clothes are perfect when it comes to making combinations. What else? Well, it is a good idea to follow this piece of advice.

First, forget about the old layering. You cannot wear a boyfriend cardigan over everything and think that you are a layering genius. There is something called the new layering, which you probably have not heard about. According to new methodology, you can wear pieces of clothing labelled as summery all year long. Therefore, if you bought a dress at a Masai clothing sale, you can wear in cold months too. You can mix a tea dress with a sleeveless jacket or a shirt and a polo neck. The point is that you can and you should winterize your summer wardrobe.

Secondly, pay attention to the types of layers. There are three main types of layers: the base layer, the insulating layer and the shell layer. The base layer is the one closest to your skin, regulating your body temperature. For improved comfort, make sure that your base layer is made of silk. If you are an active person, stick to synthetic fabrics. The middle layer is the one that captures warmth. If you are a fan of knitwear, get a knitted cardigan or a pleated jumper. If you want something over your thighs or if you like skinny jeans, put on a long cardigan. A tunic will also keep you warm. Finally, the shell layer offers you protection from the cold weather. Examples of good choices include coats and jackets.

Thirdly, keep in mind the situation you are dressing for. It is important to stay warm, but sometimes the occasion you are dressing for is more important. If you are going to work, you can put on a pair of silk tights and a light wool sweater. On the other hand, if you are going to visit friends, a cotton shirt is not enough to avoid freezing to death. A sweater will. But so will a jacket. For your shopping needs, visit Berlin Clothing’s online store.

As you can see, layering is more of an art than an exact science. You can get it right, but you can get it wrong too. If you want to master layering, you have to practice a lot. The likelihood is that you have a closet full of clothes, so there is no reason why you should not try. What you have to keep in mind is that you do not have to wear every piece of clothing at the same time.

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Styling striped blouses like a pro

In order to feel that your style has come to very fashionable form, you first have to experiment with clothing a lot. What many find highly flattering are striped blouses. Or even tees. Exactly, like those worn by Pugsley Addams! While there is no recipe for success, there are a couple of combinations that work wonders on every body type. Also, they are versatile and many find pleasurable to style such pieces. Of course, you must first find pieces of decent quality in order to make them look great, and we found some amazing pieces in this store selling Sandwich clothes online. Below are some pieces of advice on how to wear such blouses in a fashionable way.

Wear la Marinière regardless of the season

  • In spring, wear that black and white stripy blouse with a pair of navy trousers, some red ballet pumps (yes, that Bardot outfit we all love) and maybe a trench with a classic cut. Accessorise a little and get of your comfort zone with a black headscarf. Keep it ’60, if you feel daring enough. A deep red lipstick and a stroke of eyeliner will work wonders in terms of makeup, and if the March showers scare you a little, bring a little joy in your life by preparing yourself with a rainbow umbrella.
  • In summer, a pair of camel cargo shorts and some brown leather sandals would go perfectly with your Marinière. A pair of large sunglasses is quite fit, if we may add, since all true fashionistas seem to enjoy them greatly. A light makeup is advisable, since the humid environment might make your eyeliner to smudge, and a lady is always prepared for the worst.
  • If you still can’t get over your stripy blouse in the autumn, bring back the classic trench from the spring, but change the trousers with a pair of dark jeans. Mamma jeans would work too, but make sure they are light blue, in this case. The mamma jeans can be worn with a pair of white sneakers, just for fashion’s sake, since we know that rain and white shoes is quite an impractical combo. If you go for the pair of tight, dark jeans, pair them with some boots, leather ones.
  • In the winter, search that Sandwich clothing sale and see what amazing pieces they might have, throw over them a chunky knit cardigan in a dark grey colour, make sure you wear impermeable boots and a pair of jeans. If the temperatures go too low, a parka will look great in terms of outwear. And don’t forget about a mustard yellow chunky knitted scarf. Textures are all in the winter!

Of course, no matter your preferences, there are many combos that work great with striped shirts. Only make sure you pick the retailer right (spoiler alert: Berlin Clothing is a great one) in order to have high quality pieces. Try them with bell or A-line skirts, with heels or pumps, but remember that no matter what you choose, you should feel comfortable while wearing it. You should feel like yourself, but bolder!


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An appointment to a beauty clinic – the perfect gift for the women that you love most

Making a woman to feel loved and appreciated is not an easy thing to do, especially if you also would like to surprise her. But there is also a good recommendation when it comes to this thing. You can think about something out of the ordinary such as offering her the possibility to go to a Norway clinic. In case the woman in your life has not been in Norway before, she will also appreciate the possibility to travel.

Despite the wonderful touristic places, Norway is highly appreciated for its beauty clinics. For example, you can search for a peeling klinikk Oslo. The most interesting part is that there are many types of treatments that a woman can receive if she goes to such place, such as skin care treatments or even aesthetic surgery recovery treatments. But there is also true that in order to offer her such gift, you will have to make an appointment first.

But why is peeling so appreciated by women? If you ask your sister, wife, girlfriend or even mother who uses this procedure, they will probably say that everybody needs a Kjemisk peeling Oslo, from time to time, because the main role of such procedure is to improve the appearance of her skin. Even if it sounds like a complicated thing to do, it is definitely not so. The experts say that they only apply a chemical solution on a woman’s skin and it will make it become smoother. But this is not all. Even some wrinkles will disappear and you will feel like new.

There are even some women who have tried Kjemisk peeling Frogner before and who say that it is also a very relaxing procedure which can be used not only for face, but also for back, neck, and hands. The reduction of the fine lines, which usually appear under the eyes, will be immediately noticed. Thus, there is no wonder that those who apply this treatment will start feeling younger.

What is more, in case you see that the woman that you love claims that she does not feel good in her own body because she does not like the way her nose looks like, you should help her. Trying to tell her that a nose surgery has its consequences will be nothing but a waste of time. If she is convinced that this change will make her happier, you should start searching for Neseoperasjon Oslo. There are many women who have tried this thing, including celebrities. If she does not feel comfortable in her own skin, she will not be able to act with confidence, when it comes to other things such as public speaking or other things.

On the other hand, in case you think that this gift can be too expensive and you do not have the necessary budget for covering the costs, you can at least find out if you can order the peeling products online. But you should read the reviews first. It is also true that going to a clinic will be a more interesting experience, no matter how old or young a woman is. However, if you are looking for a good example of clinic, you should definitely try searching for aesthrtic.no and check the offers of this reputable clinic which also comes with long experience.

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How to dress up for work: some useful tips

Dressing for your working place can be a real challenge, especially if you are a woman. Why is that so? Because even there is no written rule which indicates it, women should always look beautiful and attractive. Thus, before going shopping, check this list of tips that can prove really useful. They are offered by fashion designers who claim that unfortunately there are many women worldwide who do not know how to dress up properly for their job.

The first thing you should do is to look for those simple items which can be easily matched with the other clothes that you have in your wardrobe. Have you heard about the brand called Sandwich? If you have not, it is time to look for Sandwich clothes sale because it is famous for its high quality fabrics and minimalist patters. Experts say that it is a wiser decision buying high quality clothes, than investing your money in items which have a questionable one. On the other hand, what people appreciate most when it comes to Sandwich is that these clothes are suitable for many types of silhouettes.

Secondly, despite quality, there is another important thing that you have to take into consideration: the colours that you choose. There are some fashion experts who say that is not indicated to buy clothes which have bright colours such as yellow or orange. But it does not mean that you have to wear only black and white. The most indicated colours for office are grey, brown, purple, green, blue and dusty pink. Moreover, it is needless to say that these colours never go out of fashion.

Thirdly, due to the fact that you have to spend at least six hours in your office, you have to make sure that your clothes are also comfortable. A good suggestion is to avoid as much as possible those types of items which can wrinkles easily because they will make ruin your outfit, every time you sit down on your chair. This is the reason why, it is a good recommendation looking for Sandwich clothing online. Doing your shopping online is always an alternative due to consider because you can even compare prices.

On the other hand, doctors say that spending too many hours in a high-heeled pair of shoes can also hurt your legs and make you feel more tired. This is the reason why, you should choose your office footwear wisely. A good recommendation of outfit which is both good looking and comfortable is a pair of elegant flared trousers and a fancy blouse with minimalist floral patterns. Instead of high-heeled shoes, try wearing the outfit with some loafers.

Fourthly, another important part is played by the accessories. There are many women who say that they do not know what to choose for an office outfit. In this case we recommend discrete jewelleries such as rings, bracelets or earrings. Try to avoid large necklaces and replaces them with checkers.

Last but not least, if you do not where to find the best offers when it comes to Sandwich clothes or other popular brands for making the best outfits for your office, you should definitely try Berlin Clothing, a reputable website which is highly appreciated by its products and offers.

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