Sikh wedding traditions you should know about

Weddings are probably the most important celebrations of one’s life, but in comparison with other religions, in the Sikh culture, wedding are filled with unique traditions that make the event even more meaningful and memorable. Whether you are planning a Sikh wedding yourself, or are just interested in the topic, there are a few essential traditions that you should know about, one of them being to wisely choose a Sikh wedding ceremony priest (this is the first and most important decision the bride and groom need to make). After establishing that detail, there are many more planning tasks that need to be handle, but the following traditions are the most important ones to not be overlooked.

Milni – As soon as the groom and his family arrive at the place of worship (Gurdwara), they are welcomed by the parents of the bride with hymns and traditional songs. Before the Sikh Destination Wedding Cancun actually starts, family members greet each other with garlands and often, men lift one another up. The milni ritual is conducted by the Sikh priest, and is followed by tea drinking.

Anandkaraj – The Anandkaraj tradition is often referred to as the ceremony of bliss, and it usually starts with the singing of a traditional hymn. The groom is responsible of handing a piece of fabric, usually embroidered, to the Guru Granth Sahib, known as the holy book, later sitting down in front of it. The bride’s siblings will then bring her to sit next to the groom, and she as well is asked to bring an exquisite strap of fabric. The father of the bride gives his daughter away when tying the groom’s palla to her wrist. This is a ritual filled with emotion, and it marks an important part of the ceremony.

Laavan – This ritual is full of significance, and is usually conducted by the priest. During the Lavaan ritual, four prayers are being said, during which the couple should pay their respects to the holy book, while moving Guru Granth Sahib clockwise. After the completion of this tradition, the couple is finally pronounced married, and the ceremony is followed by the shaggan (the guests give their blessing to the newly weds alongside with gift offerings). After the Laavan, the reception can begin – and there is no wedding party without a lot of food, music and drinks.

These are probably the most common traditions that make a Sikh wedding complete. If you are currently planning a ceremony yourself, then you probably want for everything to turn out perfect, so this implies not overlooking any important part of the ceremony. Remember that one of the most important tasks you will need to handle is finding the right priest. If you do a bit of research on the internet, you will come across several options, but make sure you go with a priest that is experienced and can make your ceremony as meaningful and rich in traditions as you desire, one good choice would be Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela.

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Why should you be honoured to be the guest of a Sikh wedding?

Have you just been invited to a Sikh wedding of a dear friend of you, but you feel somehow confused because you have not attended such event before? Do not worry because this is a small guide which can help you find more about this special wedding that you are definitely going to like it.


First of all, you should be honoured to be the guest of such ceremony which is nothing but the union of two people who love each other. In fact, statistics show that that the Sikh interfaith wedding marriage has become a very popular concept lately, due to the long list of traditions which are related to such ceremony. Not to mention that the Sikh culture is based on long history. The first important step from this guide is to read a few things about this religion, in order to understand the importance of the whole ceremony.


Secondly, a thought that will come to your mind when you receive the invitation is related to what you are going to wear to such special event. But, the wedding designers say that you should just forget about regular clothes such as suits or shinny fancy dresses. You should go for something traditional. This thing can be a little bit complicated because it all depends on the place where the ceremony is going to be organised.


For example, the traditions from Cancun are different from the Indian ones. In case you want to be prepared, you should know that it is highly recommended to avoid wearing black. There are many cultures where this colour is associated with sadness and you probably would not want to ruin the other wedding guests’ good mood. What is more, forget about high-heeled shoes and go for something comfortable. There is also a rule which says that you should take off your shoes before entering the temple where the ceremony is going to take place. But this is not all. Those who have been to such wedding before say that you should also cover your head with a scarf, if you are a woman or with a bandana, if you are a man.


On the other hand, regardless where the wedding takes places, the food is one of the most important ingredients. Usually, the bride and groom, especially those who choose Sikh destination weddings in Dominican Republic all inclusive, think that a large meal is a symbol of gratitude and respect for their guests. Not to mention that Dominican Republic is also famous for its culinary industry that is highly appreciated worldwide. Thus, forget about diet because it would be quite difficult to say no to such delicious meals. Moreover, you may also consider this wedding event as a perfect occasion for enjoying a small vacation. There are many exotic destinations which are chosen for celebrating a Sikh wedding and in case you like them, you can stay longer.


Last but not least, if you feel like this type of event is something that you find quite interesting you should try to learn a few more things about Sikh wedding from the real experts. Therefore, try to read something on There, you can find many pieces of advice for organizing an out of the ordinary event.

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What to expect from a Sikh wedding ceremony

The most beautiful thing in the world is finding someone perfect for you and getting married. The wedding is probably the most inspiring event that someone is living. It shows that you have decided to share your whole life with another person and build a new life together. Nothing else is more impressive than feeling that you found your true love and you will live together and will make everything you can in order to have a happy marriage. You should do everything right from the very beginning, so you must concentrate on organizing the best wedding because you will feel better knowing that you did everything right. Have you ever thought about the fact that a destination Sikh wedding is exactly what you need in order to feel perfect during your own wedding? If the answer is positive, it means that you need to hire the best officiants who know better all the rituals and traditions that will bring you peace and joy. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with some experienced people because you deserve having the most captivating Sikh wedding ceremony.

Many people would say that Indian wedding are probably the most special because everything seems to be done with solemnity and dedication. You should prepare yourself for this moment because all the guests will want to participate to a very thrilling moment. But you shouldn’t worry because someone will be there for you to offer you the best pieces of advice and you will feel perfect. It is very important to know that someone know very well what to do because you shouldn’t be stressed during the ceremony. However, it is not recommended to let your family members do this job because they also need to enjoy those beautiful and unique moments. Don’t waste time and hire someone that will offer you guidance and support during the ceremony. You must consider Indian destination weddings because it is wonderful to do this thing while enjoying a breathtaking landscape. However, the ceremony is the most important because you need to feel blessed and for this purpose you will need to hire some faithful people that will read the Lavaan and maybe translate it in English for those who don’t understand the language.

If you want to feel amazing during your wedding ceremony, you should consider choosing a spectacular destination like Hawaii where everything seems to be perfect and very inspiring. You will remember all your life about that moment, so don’t ignore this opportunity. Sikh wedding are very special because everybody likes to wear traditional clothes and listen to the ceremony. It is fascinating to eat blessed food because it is a very important tradition that will never die. The music and songs are very important because they are adding even more emotion to the event. The music is also blessing, so you should listen to it from the beginning to the end. Sikh Destination Wedding is exactly what you need if you want to make sure that your ceremony will be fascinating.

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Do’s and Don’ts at a Sikh wedding ceremony

If you know the couple in the matter well, you might want to ask them what are some permitted and some forbidden behaviours during a Sikh wedding ceremony. They will most likely be more than pleased to bring some light on the matter for you. However, if you are not that close, chances are you would rather get your facts from diverse sources around the web, especially if the couple planned for one of the Sikh destination weddings in Dominican Republic all inclusive packs. You don’t want to seem inconsiderate in such cases, after all. But let’s dive deeper in the mysterious world on Sikh weddings.


  1. DO remove your shoes at the entrance of the temple

Most religious ceremonies in multiple religions require the attendants to remove their shoes, and place them in a designated place or area. You should follow this rule, otherwise you will most likely offend not only the couple, but all the other guests. Also, avoid pointing your feet at the Holy Book during the ceremony, since this is a great insult.

  1. DON’T wear black or white outfits or pieces

In Sikh culture, white outfits are worn at funerals, while black ones are worn by those mourning. Many consider that wearing these colours at the ceremony or reception will bring bad luck to the new couple, and you and to avoid having all the eyes on you due to this matter.

  1. DO check before the ceremony if you can take pictures

While there is no rule stating that you cannot take pictures at the ceremony or reception in this culture, maybe the couple and their families would rather have them taken by a professional photographer. Also, even if you are allowed to take pictures, make sure you don’t make the photographer’s job harder.

  1. DON’T go overboard with your outfit

Because the wedding ceremony will take place in a temple, you want to make sure you follow a simple dress code, especially if the wedding in matter is a Sikh interfaith wedding marriage ceremony. Make sure you dress modestly, especially for the temple ceremony. And you don’t have to wear Indian clothing. Only make sure your choice of pieces is not too revealing. Especially if you consider the fact that the guests will be sitting on the floor during it.

  1. DO wear a headscarf

The head and bare arms and shoulders will be covered by using a headscarf, which is not optional in Sikh wedding ceremonies. Many temples or wedding organisers, like Anand-Karaj do not offer those for the guests lacking them, and make sure you choose one yourself, in order to match it with the rest of your outfit.

These are five simple rules to follow next time when you attend a Sikh wedding ceremony. Remember to enjoy the moment and have fun, since the main purpose of these ceremonies is to celebrate love and the newly formed couple.

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The ultimate wedding styling guide – experts’ opinion

Wedding time is the most stressful period in a woman’s life and also a thing that provides adrenaline rush through her whole body and brain. But if you work with some really good teams of experts, such as wedding stylists, you have nothing to worry about. Also, a good recommendation is to take a look at the specialised wedding blogs or websites where you can find more useful tips. There is also a wedding guide which includes some small pieces of advice from the most famous designers that you should definitely consult in order to benefit from a hassle-free experience.

According to this ultimate wedding guide, one of the most important aspects is related to flowers jars. Even if it may sound difficult to believe, flower jars are the latest trends when it comes to modern types decorations, especially when you choose an outside location or a marquee. Experts say that if you decide to put your flowers in a jar you can obtain both elegant and fancy decorations which will make your guests feel impressed. The jars are also a versatile version because you can use them for creating flower frames. What is more, it is also recommended to pay attention to the flowers that you choose. If you go for red roses, the choice can be somehow risky because they are regarded as a cliché. Thus, try to avoid them or, at least, choose the white version of these flowers.

Furthermore, there are even some rules that you have to respect when it comes to wedding favours. A Sydney wedding stylist will definitely recommend you to choose a theme for your wedding and then match the favours with it. For example, if you go for a wild flowers theme, you can offer your guests some small boxes which contain many types of coloured flowers. On the other hand, even if this floral theme seems interesting and never goes out of fashion, there are some people who suffer from allergies. In case you find out that one of your wedding guests does not stand to be in the same room with some large bouquets of wild flowers, you should replace them with others. Mini dusty pink roses can be a very interesting alternative.

Last but not least, pay attention to colours. The best recommendation that you can find in a wedding guide is related to pale colours because they are easily to match even with your beautiful white dress. You can opt for jars even when you want to replace regular glasses, because they prove an innovative option especially for those who love fruit juice and lemonade.

But in case you are looking for a trustworthy wedding decoration supplier, you should definitely try Rainy Sunday, one of the most reliable creative studios from Australia. They offer both home and wedding decorative products for styling, which can transform a regular event into a real special one. You can order you products right from the company website and benefit from some of the best promotions. In case you feel like running out of ideas, you can browse through their products and find some inspiration.

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Why you should not overlook the importance of wedding invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, many people tend to say “I don’t want to waste money on some pieces of paper that my guests are going to throw in the back of a cabinet and forget about.”, but what they don’t know is that these pieces of paper are an extremely important detail to a wedding. It is essential that you work with a professional company that creates unique and memorable Winnipeg wedding invitations if you really want to stand out from the crowd and impress your guests.

One of the reasons why these pieces of paper are so important is that they set the tone and exude the theme of the Big Event. It is the perfect way you introduce your guests into the atmosphere. However, in order to succeed, you have to ensure you select the perfect design for your invitations. Go for something that will create impact and that will catch people’s attention from the very first seconds they see it.

These small details are important also because they create anticipation and excitement. Receiving an invitation in the mail is definitely making you ready and eager for the event to come. Depending on the location where the event is being held, you can think of different ways to decorate the invitations. For instance, if you plan to have your wedding somewhere in Bahamas, you can ask the company you are working with to apply some shells onto the paper.

Besides the aspects presented above, these invitations are also the easiest and best way you can offer your guests details about the event. Tell who the invitation is coming from, although you may find this detail redundant. It is recommended you include not only the names of you and your partner (the bride and the groom), but also the parents’ names, especially if they are the ones hosting the event. In case either you or your partner is known by some nickname, it is best if you include it in the invitation. Do not be afraid to include personal details.

When working with a company that provides cheap wedding invitations Canada, it is essential you discuss with them the day you want to have those pieces of paper ready so that you can send them to your guests in due time. Also, do not forget to write down on them the date and time of the event. You should specify the time the event will start, which should be the time the bride plans to walk down the aisle, but also the time the cocktail party will start, so that guests will have clear idea on this aspect.

It is worth mentioning that there may be numerous companies on the market that provide professional services and create amazing wedding invitations, but choosing one that perfectly matches your needs and interests may take time. This is why you should start with some online research and companies such as Strictly By Invitation seem like a good place to begin with.

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